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From: mike jones
Subject: Don't Ask Don't GetI was well underage kids bbs known and well liked by most when I was at school. I had plenty
of mates and hardly ever worked hard. It was with my brother that I first
experimented. He was 10 and I was 13. It happened in quite the usual underage thai hot way
when I found a porno mag and we decided to act out some of the scenes. After
a while it developed into my brother sucking my cock for me and me repaying
him by licking his ass hole and filling him with my 5" uncut cock. It was
great but I felt that I wanted more.I was in the same year at school as my cousin david and we had messed about
two a few times while at school. I had decided that I was going to get some
of the more disliked kids involved in our games and the way I was going to
do it was simple, I would ask.David and I had our eye on three kids at school. They were all in the year
below us so all were 12 years old and they were all outsiders with no real
mates to speak of.Robert was first on my list. About 5'3 tall, underage thai hot blonde hair, blue eyes and a
skinny figure. He was the most important of our targets because he lived
opposite the school and his parents both worked all day leaving his home
free (apart from his sister who was in the year below him) for most of the
day and evening. Me and my cousin planned to have our fun with the kids his
house so it was important to get him interested.After school one day I followed him to his door and pushed my way inside. He
shouted and said he was going to call the police but I put my hand over his
mouth saying that I had a deal to underage oral pics make with him. He stopped yelling for a
moment and I got him to sit in the frontroom on his couch. I stood in the
middle of the room facing him and proceded with my plan. I told him that I
wanted him to suck my dick and that if he didn't that I would tell everyone
that he tried to do it. I told him that whatever he said, no one would
believe him and that his life in school would be terrible. But if he was to
do what I wanted then I would protect him in school and make sure people new
that he was my mate."Isnt it gay when you put a guys dick in boy movie underage your mouth?" he asked when I had
finished my speech.
"No, u can still like girls its just a way of having fun. And as long as
noone finds out im sure we can both enjoy it."
"Can I see it first?" his eyes moved to my crotch.I unzipped and dropped my trousers. My boxers had a piss slit in them so I
unbuttoned it and pulled out my dick. He looked amazed. Staring at it like
he had never seen one before. I suppose looking back underage rusian free
he had never seen one
this close before. I told him to stand up and turn around while I pulled underage nude paysite my
trousers and boxers all the way off. He did as he was told. Cock in hand I
walked up behined him and got down on my pedo underage girls knees. This was that part I realy
liked. I wrapped my hands round to the button on his trousers at the front
and undid it. The I pulled his trousers and pants down in one motion
revealing his small tight hairless 12 year old arse. It was a sight that got
me hard just thinking about it. I felt his soft skin and he tried to turn
round I gripped his waist and told him to stay where he was. I placed the
palm of my hand on his back telling him to bend over. His cheeks parted
slightly and then I told him to widen his stance a little which he did. This
exposed all his glory. I could see his whole crack and just underneath his
totally smooth ball sack and tip of his 2" uncut penis.Now at this point let me just explain something. I am not into shit
eating/scat or anything like that but since I first put a finger up my ass
and smelt it I have been hooked. I like a very slightly dirty ass crack. The
kind that is just a tad brown. I like an ass to smell like a skid mark. Just
faintly dirty and Roberts ass was perfect. His crack had a slight brown
colour to it and as I moved my face closer I could smell that intoxicating
aroma. I put my nose at his hole and took a long sniff. Next I ran my tongue
from the the bottom of his arse slit all the way to the top slowing down my
lick as I crossed his small pinky brown hole. I Heard him breath in as he
felt my tongue and I knew he had liked it. I must have spent a good three
minutes just licking his arse until I was ready to cum. I stood up and told
him to sit down on the sofa. He looked hot underage blog and his pink cheeks were red. I
moved closer to him pulling the forskin back on my cock exposing the purple
head to him. Pre cum had made it look all sticky and as I moved it closer to
his face he opened his mouth. "Good boy" I told him as it slid between his
pink lips until I could feel it rest on his soft wet tongue. He closed his
lips around it and I told him not to touch it with his teeth. He nodded. I
told him to stay still and proceded to fuck underage photo naked
his mouth. Because I had spent a
lot of time worshipping his ass it wasn't long before his mouth made me
erupt. I held his head tight to my cock and shot load after load of boy
juice into him. He tried to pull away and gagged a little but I held his
mouth on my cock and until I felt that he had swallowed it all.He just sat there stunned as he considered how my spunk had tasted. It
looked like he thought it was ok because he licked his lips. Finaly he
looked up at me and said one word. "Wow!".I proceded to tell him the plan and he agreed to every single part of it.
Just as we finished talking, his little sister walked in and gave us a funny
look before heading into the kitchen. I made a mental note to get her
involved in the plan at somestage too.I met with my cousin afterwards and told him all the gory details. He was so
worked up with all the info I gave him that he begged me to suck him off. I
did and let him shoot in my mouth. It was salty and lumpy but so nice that I
made sure I got every drop.The plan was going great so far and with only two targets left I was sure it
was going to work. We underage dark images
decided that the next kid was going to be convinced by
both of us galleries underage boys this time and we decided that it should be Paul. He would take a
little more convincing so David was needed just incase things got ugly.
Next part to come soon....

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